And so it really begins…

Yesterday, Whit Sunday – also known as Pentecost, we bought our tickets to fly to Japan at the end of August! We’re really going! It’s really begun!

Of course, this begs the question, “What has begun?”

Well, many things. This blog for one, but what I’m referring to in the title is our six months – yes, six months – in Japan!  We’re flying out on 31 August to arrive in Nagoya on 1 September.

We’ve visited Japan three times in the past two years and fallen in love with the wonderful Japanese people and the beautiful country they live in. We never intended to move to Japan, but our Father had other ideas – dreams I would say – and has made it clear that He wants us in Japan for six months starting this September.

You may wonder how we know this. For some background, take a look at the blogs of our last three trips starting with the tour to see the autumn leaves last November.

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll be posting about my thoughts and things I’ve read and all kinds of random stuff. Expect quotes from Dallas Willard and Peter Enns, and probably Heidi Baker, too – all authors God is using to speak to my heart.

Maybe He’ll speak to yours too!

4 thoughts on “And so it really begins…

  1. Yesss ! Happy to follow your journey following God’s plan ! I’m SO very gratefull for this new season for both of you ! ! !:D


    • Thanks, Lily! It’s certainly a very exciting season! 🙂
      I thought I might write more about Japan, but it seems the Holy Spirit has other ideas for the moment!
      Perhaps I’ll start another blog in parallel to this for the day-to-day of life in Japan once we get there. 🙂


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