Olwen and me in Bruges (Belgium) in 2016

My name is Stephen, and I’m a 60-something Brit living in Nagoya, Japan and Maidenhead, UK.

Prior to that I lived in Belgium for 30 years. I’ve also lived in the US, Germany and Italy and worked in Denmark (a lot – lovely country!) and elsewhere.

I’ve been married to Olwen for over 45 years, and we have 4 daughters – all married to wonderful men – and eight grandchildren.

In September 2016, I retired from my job at the European Commission, and we moved to Nagoya, Japan for six months.

During those six months, Olwen – a TEFL/TESOL-qualified teacher with over 20 years experience – taught English to Japanese ladies there using the Bible and other Christian books as texts, while I provided logistical support (otherwise known as food shopping and cooking!) She had done this in Brussels for about 14 years (see her web site) and it was Japanese ladies returning to Japan who first invited her to go there and do the same. At first this didn’t seem possible, but God made it clear that it was not just their invitation but His too, so we went!

At the end of the six months, we returned to Belgium, cleared and sold our house there, and returned to Japan for at least three years in September 2017. This is what we believe our Father called us to. It’s His dream for us, and we’re excited to be part of it!

In June 2020 we obtained a three-year extension to our residence permit for Japan, taking us up to September 2023.

Footnote: in 2016 I qualified as a TEFL/TESOL teacher, too, and I’m also a musician (bass and drums).

Updated November 2021

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    • Thank you so much! ☺
      You’re right, God has given us a beautiful place to be (Japan) and beautiful people to be with (the Japanese) and His love for both! We could never have dreamt of this, but He did. I often say that we are not living OUR dream, but by His love, grace and generosity, we are living HIS dream for us. It’s even better!

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