A wise man speaks …


According to Plato, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.”

I’d like to be one of the wise men, at least when it comes to writing a post, but it’s very tempting to succumb to the pressure (“I haven’t written anything for absolutely ages … and no one’s looking at my blog any more!”) and feel that I have to say something. And I’m sure I could say something, but is it something worth saying?

With one exception (I succumbed to the pressure!) I’ve posted only when I really felt inspired to say something. (The exception, in case you’re interested was “I’m tired“).

I’ve woken up (or been woken up) in the middle of the night with an idea that wouldn’t let me sleep until I’d developed it into a post and launched it into the blogosphere! I don’t claim divine inspiration for every word by any means, but I do think that these sleepless hours are the Holy Spirit pushing me to say something He wants someone – maybe only one person – to read.

Now I find I have a few half-formed ideas but no real clarity or certainty about which to use (you’ll see that this is an ironic state to be in when you look at the poll below). So I thought I’d ask anyone who might be reading this to let me know what they would like to read about and/or suggest something themselves.

You can choose more than one and even suggest a topic yourself. I don’t promise to use any of them, but I do look forward to seeing the results!

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