Only one thing – only God

This is such a great post from someone who is not merely “talking the talk” but “walking the walk” with all its pain and difficulty, and knows that only God can heal our brokenness.

Here’s a sample …

“Why is it that those parts of my soul — the parts that need the most healing — are the parts that I am the the most resistant to reveal to Him. To hand over to Him?

“That is the part of my spirit that Jesus longs to heal. That He so desperately wants to shine His love into so that the brokenness can mend.”

Now read the preview below; at the end there’s a link to the full post. Or you can jump directly to the full post by clicking this link. It’s a bit longer than my posts have been so far, but well worth it! (Don’t be put off if the preview below seems to have nothing to do with my quotes above! Follow the link and keep on reading!)


One of my favorite things to do in NYC is justwander around.

Especially now that it’s warm out, I like to just put on my sun hat and get lost for a few hours on a Saturday.


There’s nevera lack of things to do or explore.

Like just the other day, I happened upon a person playing the didgeridoo.

The didgeridoo.


On the street corner. Busking.

Like, you were able to smugglethat thing all the way from Australia, and yet here you are busking for money? How’d ya swing that?


But on those exploration afternoons,somehow, I always seem to end up at my favorite frozen yogurt shop. Which just so happens to be next to a big bookstore.

You guys…

It hurts my heart to think that actualbookstores are becoming extinct.

Seriously. Enough of thisE-Reader crap. Let’s get back to real, hard bound, turn-the-page books!

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